Bring back James Gunn as the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy

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I would like to speak on behalf of every Marvel fan in the world. 

James Gunn had tweeted some horrible and objectionable things about a decade ago. Those tweets have now come to light and Disney has fired James Gunn as a knee jerk reaction. James Gunn also happens to be the guy because of whom an obscure group of misfits is now a household name. The obscure group of misfits that we are referring to happens to be Guardians Of The Galaxy. 

YES! That’s the one! The movie in which there is a talking raccoon and a cute walking baby tree! Now, we are NOT here condoning what James Gunn had tweeted ... we are here purely as a fans. And human beings. Haven’t we all said something really inappropriate at one point?? 

Our point here is that we must be forgiving. After all, we are all humans. Even the best of us make horrid mistakes. Should we not atleast be more empathetic and understand that people do realize when they make mistakes and repent?? Even James Gunn has himself admitted that it was a huge error on his part and he has grown mature as a person since then. He is definitely not the same person as he was before. Heck ... even you, who is reading this, aren’t the same person as you were a decade back!

In conclusion, we as comic book fans, would hate to see anyone else direct Guardians Of The Galaxy. James Gunn IS Guardians Of The Galaxy since his vision, flair and charisma is imprinted on them. We, as fans and most importantly human beings, understand that people can change for the better over time and be repentant over their actions.