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Professional massage therapists are not sex workers. Human trafficking is a very real issue.  There exists  naughty massage parlor establishments. This kind of television show just fuels the fire that customers have an expectation of recieving sexual services from an actual licensed massage therapist. I can not understand why a network that is aimed at women would promote such stereotypes.

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Lifetime The Client List
Massage therapy is an actual profession. I believe in what I do 100%. And I will throw anyone off of my table anytime if they ask for unprofessional services. No extras here. For potential clients to watch a television show about massage being a front for prostitution could set back our profession considerably . The premise for this show is just wrong. Human trafficking is a very real thing in places that are being glorified in a show such as this. Such a show being on a network aimed at women is distasteful and disgusting. None of us that have spent plenty of time,effort and money to practice something that we love should made to feel ashamed of being associated with this.

Jessica Israel