Discriminatory Treatment given to Passengers choosing to Travel by Privately owned Luxury

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Discriminatory Treatment given to Passengers choosing
to Travel by Privately owned Luxury Bus

All over India it has become a common phenomenon to ban Privately owned luxury buses to enter cities. In a recent development, Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Traffic department giving traffic congestion as reason has prohibited only Privately owned Luxury buses entering into the city from 6 am to 10 pm creating hardships to passengers travelling in such buses and virtually closing down these services to start or terminate from city of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

This action has created problems for the citizens

  1. Buses coming from other cities will stop at the outskirt of the city limit, making passenger to travel between 5 to 35 km by only Auto or Car as it is impossible for passengers with luggage to board city buses resulting to additional expenses of more than Rs 100/-
  2. Since there is no proper place for buses to stand, passengers will be stranded on road till they make local arrangement. In addition transfer of luggage also will add to their hardship .
  3. After taking this action, traffic congestion will increase and ultimate aim of reducing traffic will not be achieved as people coming by one bus will have to arrange at least 25 smaller vehicles to reach their destinations within city, which will not only add to traffic congestion but will also increase level of noise and air pollution.

The point to be noted is that 90% of the bus fleet in India is owned by Private operators for whom Government has not provided any facilities like bus stations, parking lots, dedicated places for pick up and drop passengers when they serve 76 % of total travelling passengers while State transport Undertaking own only 10% of the buses and carry less than 25% of travellers has all such facilities .

It is very unfortunate that a discriminatory treatment is given to passengers those who choose to travel only by privately owned luxury buses. It has become a common practice in many cities that wherever there is traffic congestion first thing to be banned is privately owned luxury buses because their voice is not strong.

Bus Operators Confederation of India (BOCI) wants Authorities to stop this discriminatory treatment meted to our passengers and asks that passenger facilities should not be denied to passengers those who choose to travel by buses of our members and demands Authorized pick up and drop facilities to be given at the places as per the order of Hon'ble High court Mumbai. BOCI also requests to follow the guidelines given by Ministry of Urban Development, Govt of Maharashtra to provide places to develop bus terminus for Private bus operators' buses.


Best Regards
Prasanna Patwardhan
President - BOCI