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Discriminatory and oppressive parking laws

The city of Santa Ana Ca. in its current and past gentrification stages have been imposing irrational, classicism parking laws, keeping down the poor and the lower middle class. For example: there is one parking law on Lacy Street (the street I live on), Santa Ana that stretches for probably about 6-8 square blocks that does not allow parking between 12am and 6am, unless you have a permit. I live on Lacy Street, but when I went to the city to get a permit they would not allow me to get one because I don't live in a house, I live in a duplex. This is an outrage! I can't even park on my own street! Not to mention, if I have anyone over, they have to park like 3 blocks away or they will get a $43 parking ticket. This is blatant classicism discrimination and is highly unconstitutional and against our civil rights as local citizens who work to keep this city going. The only people allowed to park on the street and on many of these streets for many blocks, are people who own homes, who are allowed parking permits. And at night between 12am and 6am there are countless parking spots that could be used for people like me and friends who are staying over. As you can imagine this is highly oppressive and totally inconvenient and I am sick of it. Where ever the 1% finally decide is a place they want to develop, this kind of injustice does run rampant. I would like to put an end to unjust parking laws all over the city, the city needs to be more creatative about how they generate funds.

By signing this petition we are going to begin fighting pointless gentrfication and discriminitory parking laws accross America. In California the public transporation is terrible, and they make it damn near impossible for anyone below a certain imcome bracket to survive with all of the countless laws and oppressive fees and fines, tickets, taxes, car registration, $4 a gallon gas and on and on... You have to have a car to survive in this state, but irrational and arbitrary parking laws like this law make life even harder for working class people in an already difficult economy. We don't need these ridiculous parking laws to opress us anymore. Ask the Santa Ana city council to put a stop to this, they need to stop ticketing everyday citezens for parking their cars on public streets! For now we are fighting the 12am to 6am parking law in Santa Ana, Ca. This parking law stretches from main street to Santiago street, east to west and 17th street to Santa Ana Blvd north to south.

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