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Discriminators: Treat all human beings as free and equal in dignity and rights

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We are all entitled to our rights. Once a person is employed for a job he or she should get equal treatment in terms of pay, benefits and respect.  We really need both men and women to be equal if everyone is going to have human rights. But there are still an abundance of injustices keeping women in a type of lower status.  Women aren’t just a piece of meat to be ogled over.  If we don’t overcome mindsets that still feel it is ok to treat women with lower status in regard to pay, benefits and respect then it could easily open the door for people to do greater harm to women perhaps such as that in the Supreme Court case that I read some of in my English 1C class in college.  The case was written up by Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and is entitled Faragher v. City of Boca Raton.  In this case the woman Faragher was driven to resigning her job due her two bosses, Bill Terry and David Silverman creating a hostile work environment in which she was getting sexually harassed. 
    The Supreme Court Siding with Walmart on this issue will really mean that a lot of women that have been harassed will have to suffer without vindication.  Women should not be denied the right to file as a class when it’s clear that they truly are one.  The Supreme Court must know that if these women aren’t allowed to address this as a class then it will be unfeasible for most of them to seek out legal justice.  The cost and proceedings for each of them to do so would weed out their chances.  This is good for Walmart bad for justice.  Let us band together for change and forge ahead the way to true equal rights for all.

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