Discrimination against prisoners

Discrimination against prisoners

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Shannon Kiernan started this petition

This petition finds you today to highlight and disclose countless breaches against human rights of prsioners within  hmp kilmarnock.

In keeping in line with the data protection act 2018 no names will be disclosed in order to protect the identity and preserve the safety of the individual, for the purpose of this petition the individual will be known as person x. In particular this petition aims to inform the public of the atrocities being conducted within this prison.


PERSON X "hi everybody i am a prisoner in hmp kilmarnock i would like to bring to your attention about the mistreatment  of prisoners in this establishment here are some bullet points as to why i am asking for this petition 

  • Discrimination against prisoners with dyslexia,some prisoners find it hard to be rehabilitated in group sessions, when asking for 1 to 1s the nurse psychologist is saying no and also saying no to having a formal dyslexia diagnosis.
  • Unlawful punishments against prisoners, ie loosing their jobs and family contact when what they are accused of gets abonished from the orderly room done by a sps controller.
  • QKO from the 1st of the 1st 2022 all prisoners has to work 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year but this is impossible to achieve when working privileges are continuosly revoked for no valid reasons. 
  • Clothes and mail being taken from prisoners told it has failed for drugs and its going to police Scotland but there is no reference or incident number to track it down.
  • Not getting the proper health care that prisoners are entitled to in this establishment
  • Prisoners not getting to the top end/open estate when there is critical moving on dates as this is part of the prisoners rehablitation.

This is not only happening to me but also to other prisoners. Their orderly room is being run like a kangaroo court where they recognise the punishments but not the dismissals and would be greatful for any support i could get."

Due to the ongoing mistreatment and injustice happening within these walls, person X feels they have no other choice but to commence a hunger strike on has been for the past 5 going on 6 days because of the mistreatment, discrimination and harassment prisoners are facing in hmp kilmarnock. 

This is contradicting everything that the justice system stands for example rehabilitation; how can prisoners be expected to turn their life around when there are prison staff acting in an unlawful manner and abusing their power. 

The Human Rights act (2000) states; prisoners have the right to treated in a way free from treatment deemed torturous and unfair, right to education and respect for an individuals family and private life. These are only a few examples of the total disregard for human rights within HMP Kilmarnock.

Mental health and suicide rates are at an all time high within this demographic area, and mental health problems are slowly becoming the new pandemic. if no change is implemented soon within these conditions and prisoners having little to no access to public health and psychological support services this number will only continue to rise.

we thank you for taking the time to read our petition, and hope some of this information registers with the general public, we need to speak up, take action, no one deserves to be treated like this no matter the circumstances.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!