Food network needs to be more sustainable

Food network needs to be more sustainable

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Started by Miles Row

People are expected to eat less meat and dairy and instead eat more sustainable meals. Cooking programmes and restaurant review need to show these meals. 

International organisations such as the UN's IPCC and national organisations such as the UK's Climate Change Committee have highlighted the role our food plays in causing climate change and the need to reduce our meat and dairy intake.

They have based their findings on extensive reviews of scientific evidence.

Despite this and the rise in flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans and the popularity in related cooking books, TV cookery programmes and schedules still have very little plant based recipes or programmes.

There are examples of chefs like Bosh who do completely plant based recipes as well as chefs who have done on off series like Jamie Oliver. 

There are more and more restaurants not based around meat and dairy that restaurant programmes could include. 

This petition is for Food Network to adjust it's scheduling to have more sustainable recipes and food on it's programmes both by having specific vegan and vegetarian shows and by all programmes including at least 1 meat or dairy free recipe / meal (not just a mention of how to make a meat or dairy free version).

It is also a petition to make future TV sustainable. Many of the Climate Change Committee scenarios include 50% reduction in all meat and dairy consumption in the UK and cookery programmes need to reduce meat and dairy now to avoid unsustainable recipes and in future potentially prohibitively expensive recipes being the only options for repeats. Some programmes shown recently on Food Network are nearly 20 years old and by 2042 we will need very different cookery programmes due to the climate crisis. 

61 have signed. Let’s get to 100!