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No More illegal exploitation & environmental disaster show JUNGLE GOLD

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The goal of this petition is to let the Discovery Channel know that we do not support its glorification of Illegal exploitation of others, total disregard for the well being of other human beings and environment which Discovery Channel is currently doing with its Show “JUNGLE GOLD”, a disgraceful reality show documenting the illegal mining activities and its resulting environmental havoc in Ghana, West Africa by two Americans from Utah, George Wright and Scott Lomu. Discovery channel’s mission statement states as part of their goal is “making a difference in people’s lives” which we acknowledge they have done globally in their numerous positive impact activities around the world such as the “Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership” which has benefitted Ghana tremendously. The Discovery Channel states on its website that “Discovery is committed to managing its business activities in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to ensuring honest and ethical behavior by its directors, officers, employees and contingent workers.” However Discovery Channel is in clear violation of what it stands for by its affiliation with George Wright and Scott Lomu who amongst their extensive unethical atrocious behaviors have 1) Illegally mined gold in Ghana 2) created extensive irreversible environmental damage to the rainforest and river at the site of their illegal mining activities, and the most egregious of all 3) knowingly exposed people and whole communities to dangerous chemicals and neurotoxins such as mercury! Discovery Channel cannot stand for making positive impacts in Ghana through its Global Education Partnerships activities and at the same time have a hand in promoting and glorifying illegal unethical activities that are destroying Ghana’s rainforests and is harmful to the health and wellbeing of Ghanaians. In Ghana the a name for such two-faced behavior is “Dumfo Kumfo” – Which means one who seems to be helping you but in actuality is killing you by their actions!

We respectfully ask Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav to:
1) Reverse their poor judgment in creating this show “Jungle Gold” and stop condoning these great sins against humankind and the environment by ceasing to provide George Wright and Scott Lomu a global platform to glorify their unethical illegal crimes and atrocities in Ghana.
2) Implement an action plan to repair some of the extensive environmental damage resulting from Mr. Wright and Mr. Lomu’s illegal activities in Ghana as documented on the “Jungle Gold” show.
3) Clean up the mishandled dangerous chemicals and neurotoxins from the show’s illegal mining activities and see to it that the people Mr. Wright and Mr. Lomu exposed to such chemicals seek appropriate medical care and do not suffer from Mercury Poisoning.

We encourage the Discovery Channel to return to “keeping with its mission, Discovery is dedicated to satisfying curiosity and making a difference in people's lives through our content, our talent, our viewers, our employees and our practices.”

Thank you.

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