Let Flash on Discordbots.org - for justice

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Flash is a public Discord Bot which has unique administrative, moderative and social features. Flash is currently on about 4100 Discord servers.
It was tried to harm CodingGuy, the Developer of Flash with all possibilities to harm, so that his bot was several times part of conflicts just because he owned it. Flash was a certified bot, it has outstanding features and the owners were banned by DBL only because the people who sabotaged and mobbed the programmer were successful. The staff of DiscordBots.org - the largest Discord Bot list have shown no interest in fairly resolving the case and have served as a tool to mobbers committing crimes.
We demand the banishment of both owners on both DBL and DSL and the acceptance and re-certification of the bots Flash, since all moderative measures against the owners and the bot are proven to be based on false facts, ignorance and unfairness.

Heute: Flash Bot Developers verlässt sich auf Sie

Flash Bot Developers benötigt Ihre Hilfe zur Petition „DiscordBots.org Staff: Let Flash on Discordbots.org - for justice”. Jetzt machen Sie Flash Bot Developers und 16 Unterstützer/innen mit.