Voice messages on Discord

Voice messages on Discord

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Started by Morana Sui

Discord almost has it all. Almost. Replies, message reactions, pinning messages and much more. But what about voice notes? Many other apps have it already. That’s one thing that I (and I think we all) feel is missing.

It would be amazing to be able to send voice messages (not tts) in private messages and in servers (after setting permissions who can, of course, so it doesn’t get abused).

Sometimes voice chat is not possible, and a message is too inconvenient so we keep switching through apps just to send a voice note and then keep talking on Discord instead of doing it all on it.

It should be a default option. So many apps already have it, so why not, Discord? The app is growing well and fast, and the voice message option would be a big step and a very good improvement.

There’s so much new options appearing lately that we could live without, while we all keep waiting and longing for voice notes. 

It would be a very convenient thing to help people who either have problems with typing out things, need to say something quicker, or just feel more comfortable talking this way and having time to think instead of being in voice chat where you have to be live.

I hope this petition will get us an even better Discord experience!


25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!