Unban of Jdog03200( jdog03200@ymail.com )'s Discord account.

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The discord account of Jdog03200( jdog03200@ymail.com ) { 456226577798135808 } was terminated for a first offense of being a member of a discord that violated ToS the person Jdog03200 was only roled as a buy of the exploit but claims to of had intentions of working with a bug hunter to report to exploit, upon what is thought believed as a normal check for ToS Violating discord's and users with a role in that discord where banned permanently and told it will not be undone even if these users didn't actually do anything they where punished so severely for such minor actions and a large sum of people feel that a account termination and blacklist from the site is uncalledfor over actions that most if not every other site would give warning or a timely suspension, everyone deserves a second chance, now to point out the user of the account that is involved is said to be extremely unstable mentally and this account deletion has thrown them into a downward spiral to the point Life threats have been made, a simple solution would be to reinstate the account and give a second chance, everyone gets a second chance on any and every site you ever see, even YouTube said to be the most harsh with punishment give you 3 strikes not 1.