Remove discord bot verification

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Discords bot verification is not needed. It causes more problems than it solves!

Perhaps other ways of verification should be available.

It has happened to me because I use VPNs and it has happened to my friends for the same reason.

Here are what a few people have said about it:

"Remove the bot mobile verification that cause so many problems.
- If you get the mobile verification window and you don't have phone number you lost your account or you need to open a ticket and wait days and days."

"I've been using Discord for over a year now. Suddenly, Discord asked me for phone verification for no reason. My phone number couldn't be used, so I emailed support and they just told me to keep trying to verify until it worked, I told him it doesn't but they wouldn't listen.

After a few days I used a temporary one I found. They decided to disable my account permanently because it was a temporary phone number, I explained and they were not willing to enable it.

I've lost all my contacts, conversations , everything.

Discord is the worst app ever."

"Phone verification is a good idea, but the downside is not everyone has a mobile phone. Discord should provide different types of verification to avoid this issue."