Rectify the unfair disabling of Discord accounts

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If you don't know what's recently happened, I got into a bit more detail in my video here. Here's a quick overview though...

Discord and their team decided to clarify a niche in their terms of service, this mainly involved Discord's relating to Minecraft modding (specifically the mods built for multiplayer servers, which they classify as "cheating"). The terms stated that the following is not allowed "...other "cheat utility" software program or applications in violation of the applicable license agreements..." Well mods and multiplayer Minecraft mods did not directly fall under this as mods we okay according to Mojang's EULA and Commercial Usage Guidelines.

Discord employees I presume had a meeting and discussed this, and the decision was made that Minecraft mods aimed at cheating (gaining an unfair advantage over other users) was not allowed, although it is okay with Mojang. This is all fine, we in the community don't directly have a problem with this. What we have a problem with is Discord is disabling the accounts of the server owners, those with moderation permissions, and terminating the servers. Now the terminating of the servers is fine, although some may disagree. A lot of people claimed to not even get notifications about their accounts being in violation of the terms and a lot felt that Discord shadow-updated their terms of service and just started disabling accounts; and then when people tried to reach out they got generic terms of service violation emails or their emails weren't being received creating the idea that Discord was banning emails from their support system.

Here's my opinion on how they should've handled it from the beginning and should handle it from here on out.

  • They should make some form of blog post detailing what they're clarifying in their terms
  • They should notify all the owners of the servers via email of the change
  • They should either give them a few days (I proposed 7) to delete the servers manually or they'll terminate the server and disable the account OR just terminate the server and let them know that the server was terminated

A lot of users who did not know of this clarification just carried on like it was a normal day with no knowledge of what was happening, they go to get on Discord and poof...their account has been disabled. I know multiple users who had no idea and their accounts were disabled and they lost everything including on-going business deal completely unrelated to Minecraft. I personally lost multiple contacts who had virtual goods they were getting for me and now I can no longer contact them and now a lot of us have to deal with that.

I propose that Discord open up a way to re-enable your account if you were just falling into that niche. Although this may be hard to do at first, if they would've handled it better from the start...this wouldn't be happening.