@JasonCitron #ChangeDiscord @Discordapp Must overhaul their current trust and safety team

@JasonCitron #ChangeDiscord @Discordapp Must overhaul their current trust and safety team

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Discord is a messaging service used by people all around the world. People use it for reasons such as communicating with friends to organizing eSports. However it has become clear in the past few days that discord is unable to properly manage their trust and safety team. Issues have arisen that are piling up and Discord as a company refuses to respond. These issues range from a Youtuber being banned for actions not on the application or service and now an FBI investigation thanks to hackers, child grooming, and bestiality rings.

Attempts to report these rings have been met with responses of "Please do not mass report" This shows that discord's trust and safety team has a huge issue with priorities. However that is far from the end of their problems. The moderators seem to be more concerned with banning people for talking poorly of furries. Because yes, we should not worry about the rampant abuse of our platform and instead defend a community that people are dead-set in hating or liking.

Another issue many users have with the problem (not that I do) is that they are hypocritical when it comes to what content is banned on the platform. This rule may seem all well and good and I agree, however it has been confirmed multiple times that cub artwork is allowed on the platform.  For the uninitiated, Cub artwork involves sexual acts between fictionalized characters generally described as furry. This is blatant hypocrisy and should be lambasted however Discord continues to stick it's head in the sand and ignore the problem.

As for hackers, take a look for yourself. Though that's not to say hacking is the only crime welcome on discord! No, shoplifting, selling stolen goods like sneakers, and even exchanging stolen credit cards.

So why does this matter? Well, discord is likely screwed unless they do a few things, I shall suggest below

  1. Retrain every single member on the trust and safety team or replace them. They are clearly not suited for their job at all if they are more concerned with spam instead of child grooming, exchanging stolen credit cards, and bestiality on their platform
  2. Make a set of rules that is free of double standards. Either allow cub or don't, but in that case, lolicon and shotacon should be allowed too. As would feral artwork and other objectionable pornography types as long as no real living being is involved
  3. Make it clear whether or not actions off site will influence if you will be banned. The Quackity situation should have been resolved in a DAY, not upwards of a week.
  4. Hire more people to trust and safety with differing viewpoints. The only people on trust and safety that seem to be active are all furries which are concerned with the protection of their precious fandom.
  5. Streamline the reporting process so you can simply report a user from the app instead of having to shift-click a message, copy the ID, open an email draft to discord trust and safety. Paste the message ID, Server ID, and User ID, all requiring for you to go back to the application and leap through more hurdles. Reporting should be as simple as two clicks in the application to open a draft, allowing for screenshots, message IDs, and other things to easily be pasted in, as well as flagging servers without requiring to join because many people don't want to risk losing their account because they want to report a server and not be in a banwave simply because they were in the server they reported. I should be able to email discordapp a server invite link or something and it be investigated near instantly. Obviously reports with more evidence should be prioritized to avoid spam which the team obviously cares about
  6. Stop using aliases when responding in your emails. You have a professional career so act like it. If it comes out you are being a bad moderator, worker, or anything it would make it far easier to report this to higher ups by using your real name and not something like "RAINBOWFOX69X3"
  7. Create a unban appeal process. This should obviously have high standards for being unbanned but it's simple enough to make. Have a ticket line and requests can be handled by employees.

Probably the saddest part is that Discord is going to be facing fines or possibly even being shut down thanks to knowingly letting servers involving criminal activity remain online after being reported many times. So many times they will not be able to claim ignorance. So, please do sign this petition. Discord needs to change. Also tweet #ChangeDiscord

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