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Discord mobile app for Windows Phone

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 I would like to understand why there is no mobile application for Windows? Phone I'm very upset, because I've been using this program for more than a year and I have to squeeze everywhere my tablet on the basis of Android. What is this discrepancy?

 It really matters to me, because this program is used by ALL my friends from other countries! To me it is important, because with this program I support communication with my subscribers of my YouTube Channel!

 But, in the Windos Market there is already a fake program. Is this going to be the same story as "Steam" application from Valve? Dear Discord developers, please, hear me. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Please give us an app for Windows Phone!

 The developers of Discord, please make your creation for the Windows Phone!

  I hope you understand me, because my English not really good.

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