Fix the Bot Verification Process for Discord

Fix the Bot Verification Process for Discord

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Daniel from onyxcode​.​net started this petition to Discord Inc.

Discord has recently added a "Bot Developer Verification" process to its platform through a 3rd-party called Stripe. The verification process requires that the developers of bot's over 100 servers must verify themselves by sending a picture of the front of a valid form of government-issued ID to Stripe. This process is not only dangerous, but can pose some serious implications if Stripe has a data breach. Many bot developers are between the ages of 13-17, and thus do not have access to any forms of government ID. Discord is basically making you give up your personal info, or let your bot die. Many parents will not let their children use their passport if they have one, or let them use their ID, as many parents do not trust Discord. Aside from minors, letting Discord obtain your identification documents is very risky. Not many companies at all would ask for this information, let alone one the size of Discord.


Possible alternatives to ID verification that have been presented by the community:

  • "Make Discord send us a letter containing a code generated from the developers page to verify our address (a.k.a. identity)."
  • Personal Information without providing ID (Full name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone, Email) - Like a normal company requests.
  • Verify via Phone Number
  • Verify via Email

Comments about this issue by the community:


Discord should also understand the fact that a lot of bot developers are students. Those can't have driver license (obviously) and it's a stupid idea to pay for the passports to make the bot popular, not to travel. Also, those are their TOP SECRET stuff. For example, Japan's Individual Number Card has the user's name, address, gender, birthday, and their picture. If they leaked, they can be abused easily.

The Borders of our Lives

I cannot begin to sum up how completely ridiculous this requirement is. I've gotten jobs with less verification than this. I honestly think the reasons this requirement is so monumentally dense are obvious so I'll just say this. Lift the server limit. If you want a way for people to see 'trusted' bots (What is ID verification going to do to combat bad actors?) then fine, however people rightfully unwilling to give their ID to Discord or a 3rd party should not be punished for this perfectly reasonable take


Setting my bias against all the other recent (and utterly nonsensical) API changes aside, excuse me? You... you realize how out-of-touch, over-the-top and completely inane this is, right? Removing bad actors and abuse does not require my passport and legal name. You collect - and store - enough data from me (and the wider community) as it is, discord. You don't need any more, let alone for the purpose of bot verification. You could have handled this a much better way - not enforcing the guild cap is one. Make verification an endorsement of quality (like, y'know, how every other website does it) - not a requirement for bots to thrive. You're shooting yourself in the foot and claiming it makes you beautiful. That ain't how it works, buckaroo.

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