Bring back Global Tweaks ++ on Discord

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Today I am writing up a petition for the unfair removal by Discord of the Global Tweaks ++ server (home of Pokego++).

Throughout the years, the Pokego++ team has worked tirelessly and efficiently in providing a top of the line service that no other has provided. Not on iOS and not even on Android. And yet, for a hiccup along the way, they have been cast aside.

After bots and scanners were down for several weeks and several accounts were hit with a red warning and shadowban, none of which could be foreseen, this team has worked extremely hard to release a safe version of their tweak so that everyone could safely play during the Community Day event. And yes, after more than 200 hours of testing, the version was safe. However, a security change made server side caused many accounts to be locked until further notice.

I get it. You’re frustrated and upset and you lost something that was precious to you. I have as well. But who is really to blame in all of this? Have you ever thought about that?

I am truly ashamed that we have users among us who will fluently use their service for several months on end and then with one small problem that was not even in anyone’s hands, the users became ungrateful and toxic - throwing rocks at the very team who made it possible for us to play and enjoy a game that we love in the way we want to play it. I am not even part of the ++ team and yet I am offended and incredibly sad. This cannot be the way that we repay months and months of hard work that had little to no compensation at all to the ones who put in their all to make it work. I am horrified that a small group of individuals can be so disrespectful that they manage to take down a server that took months to build. They have lost almost everything. They lost their members, they lost their information, they lost their server format, and they lost the many many heartful conversations that everyone has put in. Most of which is vital for them to continue and move on from this bump in the road.

They did not deserve what they got, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. Let’s make this change so that we can try to bring them back to their full potential. Let’s show Discord just how much we love Global Tweaks ++ and how much we want them back. Let’s sign this petition and show them how grateful we are for everything they have done.