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Allow Client Mods on Discord

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     *I’ve been informed by an anonymous user that Discord could possibly be adding paid themes in the future. This will not conflict with this, as these are community-based themes, and this is not just for themes but for editing of the software in general. This is a battle to allow Client Mods (therefore disallowing Discord to suspend your account when using them), not to add themes into regular Discord.

     Client Mods can give users an extreme amount of customization, allowing Discord to be more friendly to users and making the application feel like home. Client mods should be permitted on Discord; they give users customization capabilities, it can make Discord feel like home, and it allows users to do things without having to contact Discord.

     First of all, giving users customization over how everything can look is a big dream for a lot of users, as a lot of users have a creative soul and like to make things look more user-friendly. A good example of client modification in another program is Atom, a code editor by GitHub, which has "Themes" and "Syntax Themes" to where users can make it feel more homely and possibly easier to use, many users also have different preferences to how Discord should actually look, and Client Mods can give each of them a way to customize the client to their liking. Discord is lacking when it comes to this, and some people dislike new GUI changes or position on things. Giving them the capability to change it to however they want is a HUGE thing, and they can change it back without having to pester Discord about it.

     Secondly, having an application feel like what the user is accustomed to is a very important thing. When developing an application, you want users to spend hours, possibly days on the application at a time. If it can be difficult to use for one user but easy for another, this can cause the one it's difficult for to switch over to something they could customize, like Slack using TamperMonkey. Being home is a great feeling, and it's so nice when you can have the application feel like yours.

     Also, a lot of users end up making suggestions that Discord ends up ignoring, being unable to find, or deleting. These suggestions could be great changes that massively improve the platform for many of the users. Now, this may seem like a thing that only a few people would leave Discord and it wouldn't make much of a difference, but the thing is it's best to focus on the entire group of people. If Discord allows client mods, this will allow it to be transformed in a way that all users can feel at home. An example of the types of themes that someone could create would be making a theme that is similar to a current popular voice/text software, attracting the user base from that software to Discord.

     Additionally, a lot of the times, client mods are used to give users a better experience over Discord and allow customization. With these client mods, it would make sense to violate the ToS, but to have a punishment like an account suspension seriously seems like overkill. I know users that have used client mods in the past, and they’ve said that it helps them make Discord feel like theirs. It makes it more home-like.

     To conclude, Discord should permit client mods. They allow Discord to appeal to a larger group of people, it can help users feel at home, and it gives users an extreme amount of customization over the application. Please Discord, allow users to install and use Client Mods for free.


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