Discontinue Plastic Utensils, Cups, and Straws in Fastfoods

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It's time to act for environmentality alongside economy; cost-efficiency besides convenience.

Fast food chains and convenience stores are now indeed a growing industry, and branches are opening up rapidly across cities and provinces. These not only provide quick and easy meals or food products for consumers, most of them are also open 24 hours daily, ensuring efficient and reliable food anytime, anywhere. But aside from convenience, is eating out really worth it?

Various studies have already discovered that eating from fast food stores too often can result to poor health for an individual thus, many are encouraged to limit their consumption and stick to homemade meals. On the other hand, another entity's health is being sacrificed because of fast food fanaticism: the planet's.

Plastic cups, plastic utensils, plastic containers, and plastic straws on every counter that are all yours for free--the world of easy meals is filled with easily-discarded materials as well. After all, it's not like you can give out stainless utensils for take-out orders. The good news is, the situation has been fairly improving since the past decade: Styrofoam containers are banned, may branches resort to paper cups, dine-in orders make use of washable plates and utensils, recycled tissue is produced. Truly, managements can carry out great changes if they will to do so.

But it's still not enough. Litters of plastics from take-out orders are still being left on public places, sidewalks, and worst, waste ends up in our waterways and onto large bodies of water. From that point on, the situation gets even more troublesome, ranging from disastrous floods to life-damaging pollution of a natural habitat.

Turning down the offer of using plastic spoons and forks is a first step. Choosing not to use plastic straws is another. But in the larger picture, a company that encourages its customers to live with integrity for the earth is the real game-changer. Please support our plea to stop distributing disposable plastic materials in fast foods and utilize reusable utensils instead, in order to create a better environment for all of us.