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Call to discontinue or reform Bridgeview's Treasure Days

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Bridgeview’s annual Treasure Days has been a long standing tradition in which the community has been able to come together to both find bargains and make a little money by selling belongings that are no longer needed. In the past, that is exactly what Treasure Days was, but over the past few years, the togetherness that the tradition once provided for our community has been increasingly thwarted by numerous issues that ruin the event for participants and greatly inconvenience residents who choose not to participate. This petition asks for a discontinuation of the tradition unless specific issues are addressed and significant changes are made.

It is no secret that driving down a Bridgeview street during Treasure Days is near impossible. Driving is made difficult due to the excessive amount of vehicles parking on our side streets disregarding “no parking” signs and parking illegally sometimes blocking driveways and parking too close to stop signs (the law in Illinois is 30 feet before a stop sign). The innumerable cars parking along the streets, especially the ones disregarding signs and laws, is dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, the yard sales are intended to be perused by foot, not by car, and over the last few years there have been more and more people driving slowly down the streets checking out sales from their cars.

If Treasure Days continues, significant changes must happen in regards to the increased traffic and parked cars. During Toyota Park events, no parking is allowed on side streets, and Treasure Days should be no different. One possible solution is to offer designated parking lots for Treasure Day goers possibly utilizing Toyota Park, public school lots, and the park district and parks to name a few.

Another issue that has been increasingly plaguing the residents of our community is the complete disrespect of many Treasure Days goers. Multiple residents, who are not participating in the yard sales, have experienced strangers barging through their yards and toying with their personal property; there have even been instances of theft. There are simple fixes that could help with this issue. An increased on foot police presence would deter criminals and inconsiderate people from stealing and/or disrespecting personal property. Increased on foot police could also assist with keeping visitors off of the lawns of nonparticipating houses. Another way to remind visitors to respect the property of those not participating would be to create signs for houses who choose not to participate that remind people to walk on the street and not through private property. It is a shame that common courtesy is something that people need to be reminded of, but that is the world we live in today.

Treasure Days cannot remain as a two-weekend free-for-all in the Community of Bridgeview. Unless significant changes are made regarding the way the Village of Bridgeview organizes and manages the Treasure Days event, it should be discontinued. It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured due to a traffic accident, or someone's property is permanently damaged if action is not taken.
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