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Please discontinue your Internet Explorer product. 

It is a bad product. It's bad for the internet as a whole. It is bad for your customers that use it. There is no upside for it's continued existence. I don't believe your company has the competence to make a standards-compliant web browser. Do the entire world a favor, and save yourself some money at the same time... 

Please discontinue Internet Explorer. 

There are so many great web browsers out there. Yours is not one of them. Discontinuing Internet Explorer, and forcing Windows users to download one of those many great standards-compliant browsers, will be like taking the handcuffs off the internet. Or like cutting the chain to the internet's anchor. 

Let the internet be free, let it grow and expand. Let it invent new technologies, and use those technologies to the fullest. This can not happen while Internet Explorer exists. 

Please discontinue Internet Explorer. 

The world will thank you.


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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Microsoft Corporation.

Discontinue Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is holding back the entire internet. Even if you don't use Internet Explorer, it affects you. Web developers have to hold off implementing new web technologies because Internet Explorer doesn't support them. Web developers also have to spend much of their time making essentially two versions of their websites, a standards-compliant version, and an Internet-Explorer-complient version. If Internet Explorer were gone, there would be significantly more content on the web. Internet Explorer is a boat anchor, holding the web down.


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