Disclose: Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Disclose: Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

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This global petition was started March 14, 2018 and currently has > 10K signatures. Updated 4/16/2023.
The HETLAU (Humanoid ET Live Among Us) petition start date is important because when Disclosure occurs thru which ever method SETAD (Scheduled ET Architecture Disclosure) vs Fosure (Forced Disclosure), it will be apparent the answer had been publicly available for years and only 1 person had been speaking authoritatively in regards to it.
The petition is an attempt to accomplish what the broader UsU (UFOology/UAPology), narrower social media UFT (#UFOtwitter), and purported GsM (Gov/Mil) organizations have failed to achieve. Namely, revealing the answer to the EUP (ET UFO Phenomenon).
The latest activity (2nd Quarter 2023) ET is literally putting the answer right in front of us yet UFT & UsU refuse to even consider its possible. All you have to do is look at the name of the Senate Intelligence Committee holding hearings on UFOs on 4/19-23. Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee. They (ET) are foreshadowing they're a Threat and more Capable than us (EA - EArthlings). The problem is no one wants to consider the worst case scenario so this allows ET to slow drip the Disclosure narrative making the public complacent for Disclosure. Its the same repeating pattern everyday since Kenneth Arnold.

Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee

In addition, Dr Garry Nolan appeared at the Salt Conference 2023 and said ETI has been here a long time and it's still here. What Dr. Nolan is doing is exactly what ET wants done, make the public complacent for Disclosure not help Disclose.
Notice how he walks right up to the line but won't cross over it and say HETLAU.
Salt Conference 2023 Dr. Garry Nolan - Video
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Salt Conference 2023 Dr. Garry Nolan - Text
1st Quarter 2023 in the EUP is the purported shoot down of UFOs which more than likely are just high altitude surveillance balloons from China. Following that an MQ-9 Reaper Drone (DRiver nONE) was brought down during a Russian Su-27 Intercept. The reason these two incidents are important is that engagement video was immediately made available from the Su-27 MQ-9 incident yet it was not made available for the UFO shoot downs. You can see the strategy ET is employing here. They are making the public complacent for Disclosure with the UFO shoot downs while proving the UsU & UFT community are incompetent with the Su-27 MQ-9.
The way that you can tell the UsU & UFT communities are incompetent is that they are not able to point out the Su-27 MQ-9 incident is NSTAS (Nation State Theatre Air Supremacy) and the UFO shoot downs if they involved ETVs (ET Vehicle) would be GAD (Global Air Dominance) whereas if they are surveillance balloons from China it would be NSTAS.
In other words, they (UsU & UFT) don't need to sit around complaining all day long about the UFO shoot down videos being made public. All they need to do is us the T&C (Terminology&Concepts) NSTAS & GAD and it would fosure of its own volition.
Su-27 MQ-9 Video

HSA (High Situational Awareness)
The EUP is a fluid, dynamically changing, and tactically challenging environment that requires HSA. An individual interested in eor (either or) being aware, informed, or authoritative for it to in order to remain at the forefront of this fast paced GCT (Globally Controlled Theatre) needs to start by studying FAC (Flying&AirCombat) and ignore UsU.
The petition is constantly updated (latest revision 03/19/2023) to keep pace, maintain the required energy state to premerge ET, and most importantly as the stated objective Fosure of EUD (ET UFO Disclosure) with HETLAU. Failure to maintain the HSA will result in an individual being relegated to the role of a UEA (Uninformed EArthling) which is the default entry level status EA (EArthlings) are born into. Current methods available for education and intellectual enrichment publicly fail to train a UEA to use their executive functioning and critical thinking at the level of an IEA (Informed EA) and render them incapable of comprehending the events that will take place post Disclosure.
The basic premise is as follows:
Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU). Celestial Tach One Vehicles Vectate Above Us (CTAU). They have been here the whole time EA (EArthlngs) have been on EArth. ET created and controls all the GsM (Gov/Mil) of the world and this needs to be disclosed to the public.Otherwise, ET will win the War of Inslavement (Intellectual Enslavement.
OpenAI ChatGPT
Enter OpenAI ChatGPT where if you type the question asking if Humanoid ET Live Among Us it will respond that there is no scientific evidence to support that claim. Wherein lies the problem that can only be solved via this petition. In order for scientific evidence to be made available to the UsU, UFT, aor (and or) GsM the leaderless scientific community has to accomplish the impossible. Namely, get the HETLAU to reveal their presence here on EArth via CTAU prior to their desired SETAD.
Without public support behind revelation of this fact there is no pressure on the HETLAU and CEA (Complicit EA) to release this information and disclosure will not be forthcoming. 
UEA (Uninformed EA) will continue to suffer in a war that is being waged against them and inslavement that is being imposed upon them. In other words, its Group 1 HsC (HET/CEA) exploiting Group 2 (UEA) in order to win the War of Inslavement. Inslavement is rhetorical. If you dont know what it is you are Inslaved. UEA by default are born into Inslavement.
The terms ET and UFO/UAP are restricting awareness on the planet. UEA are not aware that ET can live among them as HET without detection since by default all UEA think everyone on EArth is an EA. ETVs don't fly they vectate (vectored levitation) so the term UFO does not apply to them. They are called CTVs and/or Volutes. (Celestial Tach One Vehicles - Tach One is the speed of light). The term UAP is incorrect because it shows the user doesn't understand location context. In other words what are you calling the UAP when it was in space before it became a UAP as that is what it is (CTV/Volute).
In addition DARPAs research into powering aercraft (vehicles that operate in the aerial realm) will change the T&C once again. As the need to separate vehicles that operate in the air breathing region of the aerial realm the term airial realm will be required to define this area. The airial realm is a subset set of the aerial realm basically the troposphere and part of the stratosphere where air breathing vehicles operate. The remaining upper portion of the stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere will become the aerial realm where aercraft that do not really on oxygen to power their engines, or air to provide winged lift operate.
DARPA Whisper Beam Briefing

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Signing this petition will elevate the Intellectual Awareness Level (IAL) of what is actually taking place on EArth by introducing the correct T&C to the public. This will allow the civilian population to take control of the narrative and force the HETLAU to engage in a dialogue that reveals the Truth by archiving legacy T&C like ET and UFO/UAP which allow the Taction (tactical misdirection) and Subnation (subliminal dissemination) to persist.
The best way to see whats going on is to notice how the TacAir Community (NAVY/USAF Fighter Weapons Schools & Air Combat Commands) who are tasked with maintaining NSTAS though they dont call it that yet, are ignoring addressing ET having GAD. The reason is because ET controls them via HsC. Either a TacAir individual is HET or CEA or as a UEA uninformed and in either case none will challenge the current ETN (ET Narrative) controlling the phenomenon.
To see ET at work all you have to do is realize one of their goals is to get the public to talk about whats going on (subnation). Doing this to the point the public is basically aware of ET UFO UAP even though the GsM wont confirm HETLAU CTAU  while having the public be complacent about it means the plan is working.
If you need an actual example just watch the ongoing Congressional Hearings since 2022 on UFO/UAP Disclosure. Notice how they keep getting the public to talk about the EUP but never seem to be able to solve it.

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10,946 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!