Disclose: Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

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5,000 signature milestone reached

We have hit 5,000 signatures. Do you know 1 person who would be interested in signing the Extra Terrestrial Disclosure Petition? The subject is becoming more mainstream now that the Navy has changed its UFO reporting guidelines, the Pentagon has admitted its studying UFOs, and even President Trump has been interviewed twice on the subject matter.Lets not wait for them to the follow their scripted plan and release the information at SETAD (Scheduled ET Architecture Disclosure). Lets force disclosure NOW by getting more people to sign the petition at:http://ExtraTerrestrialDisclosurePetition.comYou can contribute directly which advertises it on change.org which gets the most signatures at:https://ExtraterrestrialDisclosurePetitionChipIn.com Find us at: FB - http://facebook.com/groups/hetlauTW - http://twitter.com/etufodisclosureWWW - http://etufodisclosure.comContact - support@etufodisclosure.com

2 years ago