Eliminate/reduce the suspension of our coach Matt Blackmore

Eliminate/reduce the suspension of our coach Matt Blackmore

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We, the parents of the Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association,  petition the disciplinary committee to eliminate or reduce the upcoming hockey season suspension of Coach Matt Blackmore. Also, we hope that friends, colleagues and parents of former students who know Matt's character petition as well.

Matt Blackmore has been a coach/volunteer within the Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association for about 6 years.  During that time, he has had a positive impact on the lives of our young hockey players.  He has dedicated much of his time organizing practices, participating in those practices and coaching during games.  He has helped develop the skill of these kids both as hockey players and as citizens.  His hard work and dedication has gone above and beyond.  Overall, his involvement in Clarenville Minor Hockey has been nothing but extremely positive. 

As parents, we feel that Matt’s suspension is harsh, unfair and unrealistic.  The kids enjoy having Matt as a coach and he always treats them fairly.  They want him to continue coaching.  That speaks volumes in itself. Losing Matt, we believe, would be a big loss to minor hockey. He was suspended for disciplining his own  son during a hockey game.  It is no different than any person disciplining their own child at home.  In our opinion, such a suspension is too drastic. It will be too big a loss to minor hockey this year. An apology was made after the fact, to both his son and the team. To many it appears that the complaints are unfair. Plus the process in which he was suspended is flawed. Matt was never contacted by HNL or CAMHA to formally explain his actions in a face to face situation. Nor was Nicholas asked about the events that game either. There was a email or text about it but never in a formal setting. Their story never had a chance to be heard, only that of the complaintant(s). That is not fair or acceptable and very unfortunate. Matt plans on first appealing this decision with the chair of HNL and we feel this petition would be a big help in their decision as well.

We encourage the disciplinary committee of the Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association to listen to us, the parents, and any other supporters, and eliminate/reduce the suspension of one of our best hockey coaches Matt Blackmore.  Hockey season is fast approaching. We want it to be another great year for our children. His coaching presence is WANTED and NEEDED for OUR KIDS! Please give your support.