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Disbounding the SARS Unit from the Nigeria Police Force or the IGP should Resign.

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The unit of the Nigeria Police force called Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (F-SARS) or Any other form of SARS unit has been constituting nuisance in different part of the country for many years now which has lead to countless of human right violations, loss of lives and properties of the same citizen they swore to protect.

The members of the SARS unit are only known for various horrible acts such as  dehumanising, molesting, beating, harassing, intimidating, extorting, stealing, shooting, embarrassing and violating the rights of innocent civilians just to mention a few in different parts of the states in Nigeria and the Inspector General of Police have done nothing so far to put them to order after numerous complains, photos and video evidence posted online and directed to the Public Relations Officers in different zones of the states.

The IGP has failed in its capacity as head of police because he has lost control of this unit and has been unable to put them to order after several complaints from members of the public and some victims who were bold enough to share their horrifying experience with this barbaric unit called SARS circulating the internet on a daily basis. They have totally lost the idea of the unit and engage themselves in various gruesome behaviours all over the streets of Nigeria on a daily basis. This needs to STOP!!!. They need to be taken off the street or entirely off the Nigeria Police Force.

I hereby demand the resignation of the IGP or the proscription of the SARS Unit because all this killings, harassment's, intimidation's, violation of human rights has to STOP!!!

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