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Resume Search & Comb Operations for the Missing in Uttarakhand floods

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My parents who travelled to Uttarakhand for Char Dhaam Yatra have still not returned home. Their last contact was from Gaurikund on June 16. However, we recently got information that one of their group members contacted his family as recently as 18th July. But due to weak signal they couldnt decipher what he said.

I am confident that my parents and their group are stranded over there somewhere waiting for rescue and help. I am worried about my parents--they are aged and have health issues. I worry if they are struggling to survive and in what condition they may be. Do sons give up on their parents? They don't.

But this is not abour me alone or my parents alone. This is about thousands of others who are missing there. Similar to me, there are thousands of others who have family members or relatives missing in the disaster that unfolded in June.

Pranveer Singh Rathore has 7 of his family members missing, of which 4 are little girls. The Sharma family has 4 members missing. The Subramaniam family has 3 members missing. The Sahni family has 7 members missing. And so on...until the numbers exceed 5000.

How can all of India give up on its loved ones, its citizens? Many of these people may be old people or young kids who are helpless and unable to walk long distances. They cannot travel on their own. Little kids separated from their parents can fall into wrong hands.

An extensive search and rescue operation was mounted by the Indian Army but was halted after a few thousand were rescued.

An UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) & and BSF Jawan operation had also been started but this too was halted after some time.

Right now, it is imperative and urgent to resume the search and comb operations in the Uttarakhand region so that the missing persons can be rescued and sent home safely. This needs to be resumed as early as possible to save their lives in time.

It is our earnest request to resume the search and comb operations as soon as possible.

Let us not turn our backs on our people. Help us save our people.



Ashish Ardhapurkar

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