Disable Gamer accounts

Disable Gamer accounts

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Started by Roni Evr

Rise of Empires - ice and fire

State: 554

Player that is disappointed and frustrated because he tried and trying to Sell his accounts and it's not going well for him

so he is lashing on all state players.

lots of players Left the game and many will leave soon if this user will not be disabled ASAP

he was already muted few time for the language he uses.

ID 1: EWKC7AM8  /  Name 1:  Puspa Ria Ponge / -4 Sale-  /  悪.  / Nimbo

ID 2: SWN3RA47  /  Name 2:  Amg Sml Farm

ID 3: SB83CAUF  /  Name 3: woohman

ID 4: S2TPKAVU /  Name 3: Thurks

ID 4: S4Q6LAX3 / Name 3:  Rapsody.

15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!