Still fighting for the Fairness and Justice: Sunflower Care Services

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Dear Friends. Supporters, general public and families of people with disabilities. We need your support.

We are requesting for the minister’s urgent intervention for the unpaid invoices for the services for the abandoned people with disabilities by DSC since 30/11/2016. We are also asking for the urgent intervention to review the decision by the disability services commission to cancel its contract with sunflower care services.

People with disabilities and their families at sunflower care value the services provided by sunflower care. They are very happy to continue their lives without any interruption by the people having no understanding of the people with disabilities or the service provider.

The Independent investigation into DSC’s actions regarding SCS by John McKenna stated on his report on Page 44: Specifically, the director-general’ statements in the 6 may meeting denied sunflower the opportunity to respond to the 26 April ‘show cause’ letter. This is the breach of section 1.2: 23.1 and 27.7 general provisions.

The decision being made about the sunflower are being made by the people who have never visited sunflower or met the people with disabilities neither their families.Why wouldn't the disability services commission work with sunflowers to make things work for the people with disabilities and their families.?

Independent Investigation into the DSC action regarding SCS investigator stated on his report on page 24, “It would appear as if DSC exercised its technical ‘absolute discretion’ to not offer an extension to the service agreement as contractually allowed in the service offer. Unfortunately, for all parties and people with disabilities, it did without good faith or transparency”. Page:24

(We are also requesting the authorities to honor the finding of the independent and affordable investigators and also the freedom of information.)

Please listen to the voice of the families of the people with disability.

We are struggling for the fairness and justice from the last 4 years. We ask you for your support and help by signing this petition, so that we can bring a positive change in the life of people with disability.

“RECOMMENDATION TO DSC by Independent Investigators regarding SCS (John McKenna & Associates):stated page 61Consideration be given of ways to improve document management systems, processes, practices and culture within Disability Services.” Page 61

So much evident yet elected officials are committed to protect the abusive institutions like DSC of CS. City of Wanneroo and the former minister for locale counsels.


Yours Sincerely,

Sunflower Families & Friends