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DISABILITY for Vets who's disability is on the compassionate allowance list

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Veterans that have been diagnosed with a disease or illness that is on the compassionate allowance list for disability  should receive compensation no matter the applicants age  especially if was determined by their DR. that the disease or illness was service connected. I was diagnosed with a rare incurable lung disease call constrictive Bronchiolitis which I acquired while overseas.  I live with 24/7 excruciating chest pain. Chronic fatigue , shortness of breath, dyspnea  with any activity even just breathing is a challenge.  No medications help with pain.  I had to have a medical device implanted to help ease the pain. It's still there just a little relief thou. But now with the device in it limits me more on what i can do. My Dr said there is no cure, and will get worse. I had to quit my job because the the pain was too unbearable. Then I find out I can't file unemployment because of the disability. So I filed with disability.  I was told even though my health problems were quite restrictive. That I can still work.  Later I found out it's because of my age.   If u always hurt, u can't stand for long, cant lift, bend, twist, walk, have chronic fatigue can't drive or be around any industrial machinery because they emit an electromagnetic field which can cause damage to the installed device What other kind of job is there.  So please help me fight to help vets like myself receive the compensation for the disease illness or injury  that was acquired while serving our country. The Social Security Administration should approve these claims. No matter the applicants age. God bless and Thank you.

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