Allow under age disabled children to live in supported accomodation

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The Australian government has a large gap in it's disability system. It has absoultely not taken into consideration Serverly disabled young children/ teenagers under the age of 18 years old and their fulltime carers/ parents/ guardians. Due to being under the age of 18 full-time guardians of serverly disabled children are being left with no choice- either relinquish care or stand and fight to find their disabled child supported accomodation & not have them living with the parents/ guardian's/ fulltime care giver. I am asking for a overhaul/ new leglisation which will allow for this to happen which will make both the child and caregivers life alot less stressful and alot more stable.

I had to make the heart breaking decision not to have my near 14 year old daughter with multiple disabilities live at home with myself & my younger 3 yr old daughter in September last year. It had become to draining, to stressful & to isolating on both my youngest and myself. My youngest was hiding in her room the majority of the time to avoid miss 14 yr olds violent outburst. I had given up, I was behind in all her care and had not one ounce of energy left.I knew it is what is best for all 3 of us &  no-one can tell me otherwise. I packed her bags and sent her to Emergency respite, under the impression that she would have supported accomodation within a month. This was definitely not the case.

Instead it's being a living nightmare, I have being fighting both FACS & the NDIS to not have her living at home with us, to find her proper accomodation and still remain her guardian. Apparently the only way to do this is to do up "care plans" which work towards her coming home! Even though I have made it perfectly clear it's not going to happen.

My near 14 yr old daughter, in the meantime remains in the respite service I sent her to for emergency respite back in September last year,  and due to lack of facilities this respite centre has they have had to move her between a local caravan park and their respite centre. 

An Australian wide change to happen.