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Please change the words Disabled & Disability to positive words Para-abled & Parability.

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Please help me change the words Disabled and Disability to the positive words Para-abled and Parability respectively. These companion words align with Paralympic and Paramedic which are accepted worldwide.

If you had an accident tomorrow, would you prefer to be called Disabled or Para-abled. Para stands for parallel; we are all heading in the same direction.

If your car is disabled it is dead. There are 1 billion of us in this world with a disability (parability). Each one of us should be allowed to be seen for what we “can do”.  I have all my life shown “I can” against people who assume “I can’t”.

I call myself para-abled. I am capable, even though since 10 months of age I have been partly paralyzed down my right side, my right hand doesn't work, and my right collapsed ankle sits inside a special boot that allows me to walk from my knee. I have a chronic lung disease with 2/5ths of my lung removed.

I am 67 years young and love life! 

Yes, I am para-abled. I worked as a credit controller. I style my own finger nails, style my own hair, and drive an automatic normal car. I am very happily married for 32 years and we have an adult son who works as a 3D animator.

I am a Disability (parability) Awareness Educator for business and community. I am a sole trader. Others are accountants, lawyers, business owners, etc. There are many others of us capable that are not given a chance. 

Every person with a disability has abilities; even a person with locked in syndrome can communicate, even if it is just blinking their eyes. 

The alpha generation aged 0-7 years of age now, and children in the future, need to grow up using the words Para-abled and Parability when they are talking about people with a Disability. They will grow up with a better mind-set than the majority of people now.

Every individual has ability, only dead people have a disability (ie no ability).

Let’s start with changing the negative words to positive words.

(Para-abled and Parability as companion words were devised by Jan Cocks)



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