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This issue effects millions of people worldwide. Mental health is the leading cause of disability and, it is only increasing. I have worked with all aspects of this system - as a Service Provider, I worked with case workers, managers and clients. As a mother to a child with a disability, I have also walked through this outdated, suppressed system.

The government has appointed many committees to provide insight into this oppressive system and each has said; "the government is failing people with disabilities". One government representative went as far as saying; "this is not only a national crisis, it is a national shame". So why, knowing this, have no changes been made? Not only no changes - things are only getting worse.


Disability supports have continued to decline and this minority group is living below the poverty line. When they do work, the government deducts a portion of their income - keeping them below the poverty line. In 2014, it would take almost $6783 to bring a single person to the poverty line - for a family with two children, it would take an extra $8147 to bring them up to the poverty line. The system must change to allow people with disabilities to at least reach the poverty line before any income is deducted. People must be given the opportunity to become self sufficient and come off the system.

Changes must start from the bottom up - we do not need to wait for government to create new laws in order to bring humanity back to human services. Not only are people with disabilities stressed, so are the people who serve them. Scientifically proven mindfulness seminars with an emphasis on stress must be delivered to government workers who work with people who have disabilities. Stress is the reason for 90% of doctors visits and is costing billions of dollars. There are solutions that can be implemented immediately. Stressed people helping stressed people is not sustainable.

Mindfulness training that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress (depression and anxiety), must be made available to every Canadian who is experiencing mental health issues and presented as an option when a prescription is written. Technology will also be funded (biofeedback device) for those who need it. Canada must insist on evolving - science proves, there are safer solutions.

An audit must be made to the 'directives' that are in place that prevent people with disabilities from working and efforts must be made to support self sufficiency. Rules will be modified or deleted that go against basic human rights.

Interviews with people in receipt of disability supports will be conducted to determine immediate actions that must be taken to support their growth and contribution.

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government", Thomas Jefferson.

Personal Note;

This is not a battle - this is insisting that those who need it most, those whom our systems should support, have the support to become their best possible selves.  When we do not have basic needs met, we fail to thrive, we remain ill (stress) and we live and feel like victims.

We are all in this together and the only way to change anything is to come together.  We need to have more meaningful conversations and we start being the change we want to see. 

Science proves, mindfulness and getting into a state of heart brain coherence not only changes individuals, it creates social and global coherence.  When more people get into this state (you can see it on a screen via a biofeedback device), there is a measureable shift in the consciousness of humanity and the planet. 

We are at a tipping point - if you want to contribute to change....be love.  This is not hippy, this is science.

The Science of Mindfulness