Save Martha

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Summary: Martha needs her new Kenyan passport in order to apply for permanent residency in the UK

Personal story: Martha Wangechi Mbau is a Kenyan citizen married to a French national who has permanent UK residency. Martha and her two children, also Kenyan citizens entered the UK on 18th July 2014 and received a 5 year resident visa on the basis of being married to a European Economic Area national. This visa runs out in January 2020. Martha needs to apply for permanent residency in the UK on 19th July 2019, several months after Brexit comes into force. She needs a new Kenyan passport to make the application and so she applied for her new passport from the Kenyan High Commission in London and the Kenyan Immigration Office in Nairobi in February 2018. Sadly her new passport has NOT been received yet. Both the Kenyan High Commission and the Immigration Office are aware of the situation but are NOT yet releasing the passport. PLEASE SUPPORT MARTHA IN HER APPLICATION SO WE CAN PUT PUBLIC PRESSURE ON BOTH KENYAN BODIES TO RELEASE MARTHA'S NEW PASSPORT.

The issue: The issue is explained under the personal story. If Martha does NOT get a new passport, she won't be able to apply for permanent residence in the UK and will probably be deported with her children back to Kenyan which would cause the family of 4 to break up!

Take action! Please ensure that Martha from Kenya, wife of a French national is allowed to stay in the UK beyond January 2020!