Reverse Fun Run 3: Arena Match Making Update.

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We, The Fun Run 3 Community, believe that:

This new update to the match making system has ruined the game we have all come to love and ruined a place where we can all feel at home. After this update, we have already started losing key members of the Fun Run community and our requests for change have gone unnoticed. We politely remind Dirtybit and Mr. Haugsdal that we are the people who fund and the companies mission grow. Many players who have spent thousands of dollars on this game are disatisfied and you choose to ignore them. We will not be silent anymore. It is hard to even win a game anymore and you can forget about your ratings. Clan ratings and personal ratings that we worked hard for are falling apart!! Where are the old days that we used to love? Who ever complained about match making back then? Here is your answer: nobody did. Dirtybit took it upon themselves to change the match making system and have no purpose for doing so other than their so called "more competitive gameplay". Well what if we dont want to be competitive and want to have fun with our friends? This update has taken the fun out of Fun Run and it is time to reverse it. Dont sit down and watch the game we love die slowly. Stand up for what you believe in and sign this petition. Dont simply ask for change. Be the change you want to see. Lets save Fun Run TOGETHER!!

Mr Haugsdal, we are demanding these changes and won't be quiet until you reverse your gameplay changes. Thank you for your attention and time.

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