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Vision  OF Bharat Ratna Pt.Madan Mohan Malviya: He dreamed to establish Ayurved  as a  Total  health system in Independent India. He established   Ayurved College in  Benaras Hindu University with an integrated course curriculum.

He mentioned :

¨  Of the Upavedas, particular attention will be bestowed on the Ayurved. It will be brought up-to-date by the incorporation of the result achieved by other nations in anatomy, physiology, surgery and other department of the medical sciences.

    The ultimate aim of this department will be to provide the whole country with Vaidyas well qualified both as Physician and surgeon.

  A Botanical garden will be maintained for the culture of herbs and roots for medical use , Vegetables and Plants for study of fibres, dyes and tans.

 There will be laboratories for teaching and preparation of Rasas, tail, Aswas and other medicines and for carrying on original investigation and experiments.

¨  Eminent graduates and licentiates in European medicine and surgery will be employed to give instruction and training to the students of Ayurved and to help the Vaidyas in preparing works in Sanskrit and Indian vernaculars on Anatamy, Physiology, Surgery, Hygiene and other sciences  auxiliary to the Ayurved. (History of the B.H.U., page 66, page125.)

This was the seed of Integrated Health Education and thus Banaras Hindu University produced thousand of Under Graduate  and Post  Graduate –trained in this integrated system. Now it is a successful model of medicine for the entire world population.

Only the need is to accept it by the Governments and to frame an act to practice integrated system of medicine which is most beneficial for mankind.

Thus we pray to the National Commission to frame new Integrated course for Health services of India.

This can be applied to all the other system of medicine.  

I will give an example: If I am suffering with acute pain in a remote area and there is no M.B.B.S. Doctor but there is a doctor of alternative system trained and taught in alternative as well as Allopathy.I need immediate relief but the doctor who can provide me relief but is not allowed by country law is helpless .I have to suffer with pain till the M.B.B.S. doctor is approached. Is this not a crime to me?

A doctor should be able to provide immediate relief to his patient by any means suitable to him. In many conditions  Ayurvedic  drugs can not help and in the same way Allopathy is also fail in many conditions. Therefore integration is needed.

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