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Directors of blueFACTORY:

Fribourg, Switzerland is currently building a zero-carbon technology park: blueFACTORY. In the vicinity of this environmentally-friendly project, the American industrialists Charles, David, and Bill Koch have established six companies which support their far-flung fossil fuel businesses. The Kochs are major polluters. They are also major climate-change deniers who have spent untold millions to discredit the efforts of environmental groups to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Koch brothers have no business being in Fribourg near a zero-carbon technology park! Please ask the Koch brothers to wind down their Fribourg operations. 

--Matthew Temme   @ 

Directors of blueFACTORY: Maurice Pasquier (Chairman), Pierre-Alain Clément (Fribourg’s mayor), Annette Heinlicher, Richard W. Greaves (Vice-Chairman), Hans Rudolf Schalcher, André Schneider, and Beat Vonlanthen (Chairman of Fribourg’s State Council)


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Switzerland’s first zero-carbon technology park, blueFACTORY, is now under construction in Fribourg on the grounds of the old Cardinal brewery. The site, which covers 53,000 square meters, will include start-ups, research platforms, shops, restaurants and art galleries. The signature goal of this tax-payer-funded enterprise is to maintain a zero-carbon footprint.  ⑴     

The laudable blueFACTORY project is blemished, however, by the presence in its vicinity of six companies which are responsible for enormous quantities of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire world.

Charles, David, and Bill Koch maintain companies in Fribourg to support their extensive oil, petroleum coke, and fertilizer businesses. Charles and David have established nine companies in the Fribourg tax haven since the early 1970’s. They still have three companies domiciled at Chemin des Primevères 45. Bill Koch, who is less well-known than his other billionaire brothers, has three companies which are domiciled at Rue du Simplon 13, just around the corner from blueFACTORY (see map above).

Bill Koch is called “the petcoke king.” He is the CEO of Oxbow Carbon, which describes itself as “the worldwide leader in fuel-grade petcoke sourcing and sales”  -- its trades amount to 11 million tons a year. Charles and David, who head America’s second largest private company, Koch Industries, also trade in the dirty commodity, and huge piles of their dusty petcoke have been contaminating Detroit’s waterfront, and Chicago’s South Side along the Calumet River. ⑵⑶

Petroleum coke is the granular residue that is left over from the refinement of bitumen, the filthy “tar sand” that some are proposing to transport from Canada across America’s vast Ogallala Aquifer to Gulf Coast refineries via the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The Kochs’ petcoke, which is one of the highest emitters of carbon dioxide, per unit burned, will be shipped to booming Chinese power plants to fuel their ravenous appetite for cheap fossil fuel (petcoke has a market price of about 1/3 that of coal). ⑷

In addition to being major polluters whose companies have paid hefty fines in the United States, all three brothers are ardent anthropogenic climate-change deniers. Charles and David have even managed to convince scores of American legislators to sign a pledge that they will not vote for any bills that address global warming unless they are accompanied by steep tax cuts. ⑸

Through an elaborate web of activist groups and “think tanks,” Charles and David have used their enormous personnel fortune—they are tied as the 6th wealthiest persons in the world—to fund anti-environmental groups to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Since 2008, it is believed that they have been supporting the climate change counter-movement through “dark money” foundations which conceal the sources of their funding. ⑹  

Brother Bill, for his part, told The Palm Beach Daily News (Oct. 18, 2013) that supporters of a carbon tax are on LSD!  Bill has spent millions of dollars to block the construction of an environment-saving wind farm on Nantucket Sound because he says it would spoil his view of the ocean from his Cape Cod, Massachusetts beach house. ⑺   

As staunch anti-tax libertarians, Charles and David Koch oppose all governmental social projects: they would defund or abolish outright Medicaid,Medicare,Social Security,the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) , the minimum wage, unions and collective bargaining, public education, and of course, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These programs grew out of the social justice movement of the 19th century. Cardinal Gaspard Mermillod’s Union de Fribourg, the “think tank,” which spearheaded Pope Leo XIII’s groundbreaking social justice encyclical Rerum Novarum (1891), was a huge influence in granting workers the right to defend themselves by forming unions. ⑻

Fribourg’s beer was renamed Cardinal after Bishop Mermillod was elevated to the rank of “cardinal”in recognition of his efforts to promote worker rights. Thus, the site of the Cardinal brewery where the zero-carbon blueFACTORY is being built can be considered a shrine to the same Catholic social-justice principles which the laissez-faire Koch brothers have been systematically trying to undermine. ⑼

On July 10, 2014, Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard, the head of the Swiss Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy, and Communication, made a speech at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)—which happens to be the alma mater of climate-change deniers Charles, David, and Bill Koch. Councilor Leuthard stressed to her American audience how important it is that “we reduce the world’s carbon imprint.” Her serious speech outlined how all four sectors of her department are working hard to create a sustainable future. Like Pope Francis, She obviously believes that “we are custodians of creation.” However, If it were up to Libertarian vice-presidential candidate David Koch, Councilor Leuthard’s Department (DETEC) would not even exist! The party platform that Koch ran on in 1980 would abolish the American Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, and the Federal Communications Commission. See the 1980 Libertarian platform: sections 2.5.22 (EPA); 2.5.66 (DOT); 2.5.11 (DOE); 2.2.88 (FCC). ⑽              

The good people of Fribourg should wake up to the inappropriate presence of these polluting climate-change skeptics in their midst: they should insist that the three Koch brothers wind down their companies at Chemin des Primevères 45, and at Rue du Simplon 13. The credibility of Fribourg’s cherished blueFACTORY project is at stake! ⑾
















                Charles & David Koch

Koch Minerals Sàrl, But: Acquisition, possession, administration et vente de participations des sociétés suisses ou étranger, etc., Cap 38,233. (21.12.10) Chemin des Primevères 45

Koch Nitrogen International Sàrl, But: Au plan international : de faire le commerce, surtout dans la branche des produits d’engrais, y compris des produits d’urée-ammonium nitrate (UAN), d’urée et d’ammoniac, faire du marketing, prendre des participations, conseiller les sociétés du groupe Koch et des tiers, exploiter des brevets et d’autres biens immatériels, etc., Cap 2,0.  (3.4.03)  Chemin des Primevères 45

Komsa Sàrl, Zweck: Die Gesellschaft bezweckt den Handel, insbesondere mit Mineral verwandten Producten, petrochemischen, chemischen und ähnlichen mineralischen Produkten, Cap CH  45’000  (25.3.09) Chemin des Primevères 45

                William I. Koch

Oxbow Carbon & Minerals International GmbH (Oxbow Carbon & minerals International Sàrl) (Oxbow Carbon & Minerals International LLC), Zweck: (i) Erwerb, dauernde Verwaltung und Veräusserung von von Beteiligungen an in- und ausländischen Unternehmen aller Art, im Besonderen von Unternehmen, welche im Handel mit Kohle und Kohleprodukten tätig sind, und (ii) Handel mit Kohle und Kohleprodukten, insbesondere Goss handel, Terminhandel sowie import und Export Von Rohstoffen, Metallen, organischen Werkstoffen, Halbfertgprodukten und Fertigprodukten jeglicher Art, insbesondere Handel mit Kohle basierten Produkten Einschliesslich Brennstoffen, Kalzinierte Erdölkoks, Kesselkohle, Kokskohle, Anthrazitkohle und Aktivkohle. (Nebenzweck gemäss Statuten), Cap CHF 30’000 (5.8.11) Rue du Simplon 13, c/o Oxbow Sulfer & Fertiliser S.à.r.l., Luxembourg, succursale de Fribourg, 1700 Fribourg  

Oxbow Colombia Holdings GmbH (Oxbow Colombia Holdings LLC) Zweck: Erwerb, dauernde Verwaltung und Veräusserung von Beteiligungen an Unternehmen in Kolumbien und anderen Ländern sowie Verwaltung und Erbringung von Management- Dienstleistungen für diese Gesellschaften. (Nebenzweck gemäss Statuten), Cap CHF 20’000 (5.8.11) Rue du Simplon 13, c/o Oxbow Sulfer & Fertiliser S.à.r.l., Luxembourg, Succursale de Fribourg, 1700 Fribourg

Oxbow Sulphur & Fertilizer S.à.r.l., Luxembourg, succursale de Fribourg (Oxbow Sulphur & Fertiliser S.à.r.l., Luxembourg, Zweigniederlassung Freiburg) (Oxbow Sulphur & Fertiliser S.à.r.l., Luxembourg, Fribourg Branch) But : acquisition, détention et cession de participations dans toute société et entreprise luxembourgeoise et/ou étrangère ainsi qu’administration, gestion et mise en valeur de ces participations (cf. statuts pour but complet), Cap USD 5'000'000 (20.2.09) Rue du Simplon 13, 1700 Fribourg

N.B. : The above company information has been obtained from the Swiss Registry of Companies (Registre de Commerce)








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