SRM-IST : Justice for our Sisters

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A garbage man employed by the hostel management, masturbated in front of a girl inside the M Block Hostel lifts at 3 pm on the 22nd of November which was immediately reported to the concerned authority .

The girl was asked to write a letter to check the CCTV camera and after the man was identified, she was asked to stay mum about the whole incident and not to publicise it by the hostel management. The higher official who had come to check upon this matter chucked it as a mere issue which is very shocking.

The girl was told that it was her behavior and dressing that caused this and she should have been more careful. 

What's the use of asking women to get back to the hostel by 6.30 pm when it's not even safe for them inside their hostel? What are the measures taken to ensure the security of the female hostel students? We have to stand up for whatever injustice is happening around. 

We need you to sign this petition and gather up as much signatures as possible from everyone so that we could stand up for the girl and let her know we are all together with her and fight for the safety and security of the women in our hostel. We shall submit this petition to the Student Head of DSA and demand for further and strong action. Let us all fight for justice.