Inclusion of students who studied MBBS outside India for state quota(PGET-2018)

Inclusion of students who studied MBBS outside India for state quota(PGET-2018)

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I did my MBBS in Saratov State Medical University,Russia.After completion of my MBBS outside India we have to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination and do one year rotatory internship training in India to get your permanent registration to practise here.It is quite a long and challenging process to finally get your permanent registration in your hand and now you think you are equivalent to any other doctor who has completed MBBS in India.But is that true??I am not quite sure after I was considered as a Non-Karnataka student in the latest State counselling of Karnataka for Post Graduation and was rejected the state quota seats this year.

I was born,did my schooling(LKG to 10th standard) and college(1st and 2nd PUC) in Bangalore,Karnataka and only did my MBBS outside India.My mother has lived more than 5 decades and father more than 40 yrs in Karnataka and both of them have served for this state. So I am officially a domicile of Karnataka and so I wanted to serve my state in future too.When I took the decision to go pursue education in Russia the eligibility criteria according to Medical Council of India was to clear my foreign medical graduate examination in India after finishing my MBBS in Russia to get my permanent registration and there was no such restriction on pursuing my post graduate education in Karnataka.Accordingly few of my seniors are doing their post graduation in Karnataka through state quota in the past years.

After clearing my NEET-PG exam in January, I registered for the Karnataka state counselling,I was initially qualified for Karnataka state quota seat according to the "Clause 4" of the eligibility criteria which stated as follows:


4.1-Eligibilty to Government seats(G) & GMP seats:

He / She is a Citizen of India, who is of Karnataka Origin and has studied MBBS or BDS degree in a Medical or Dental College situated in Karnataka or outside Karnataka and affiliated to any University established by law in India recognized by Medical Council of India or Dental Council of India and Government of India and has qualified in the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for admission to post graduate medical or dental degree /diploma courses.
Explanation: “A candidate of Karnataka Origin: means, a candidate found eligible under clause A or B below.
(Clause A)
i) A candidate who has studied and passed in one or more Government or Government recognized, educational institutions located in the State of Karnataka for a minimum period of TEN academic years as on the 31st March 2018, commencing from 1st standard to MBBS/BDS and must have appeared and passed either SSLC/10th standard or 2nd PUC/12th standard examination from Karnataka State. In case of the candidate who has taken more than one year to pass a class or standard, the years of academic study is counted as one year only.

I was eligible under "Clause A" of the eligibility criteria and was called for document verification and was given a confirmation slip that I come under 'Karnataka quota' which includes government colleges that will have minimal fees.Meanwhile students who completed MBBS in Karnataka but were not domicile of Karnataka went to the court because they were not eligible to contest for the state counselling for the government seats and the Hon'ble Supreme court gave a verdict that the domicile criteria of eligibility is considered null and asked Karnataka Examination Authority to make the necessary amends in the information bulletin because it was considered unconstitutional and breaches equality of opportunity.So now suddenly a new bulletin which disqualified everyone who has done MBBS outside Karnataka and are also domicile of Karnataka were considered as Non-Karnataka students and are not eligible for the Government seats.

Though I respect the verdict of The Hon'ble supreme court about removing domicile criteria for state counselling,I have read the Supreme court order of 18 pages(WP No. 204/2018) several times and its no where mentioned that we should be excluded for the Government seats.It only states that eligibility to State counselling solely based on domicile criteria is unfair and that Article 14 of Constitution guarantees to every person equality before law and equal
protection of laws.Article 14 of the Constitution held that equality of opportunity
for every person in the country is the constitutional guarantee and therefore merit must be the test for selecting candidates, particularly in the higher
levels of education like postgraduate medical courses, such as MD.Then why are we being excluded and considered in Non-Karnataka quota?? Isn't that breaching of equality too?

At least the students who have completed MBBS outside Karnataka can claim Government seats in the state where they have completed their MBBS in ,if the same eligibility is being followed in every state in India but what about students who studied outside India.We won't be considered in any state in spite of being domicile of that state and want to serve that state in future too. Isn't this unfair and unconstitutional??This is going to affect all the students who are going to study abroad and are eager to serve their state in the coming years too.There is nothing wrong in giving institutional preference to students who have studied in the same college but making everyone else ineligible without even considering their merit position is unconstitutional too.As addressed in the petition of the Supreme court
there are 3435 posts of specialists about which 1312 are vacant,underlying the deficiency of skilled medical professional to address the health care needs of the State.Hence the State Government has to ensure availability of adequate number of post graduates to fill these posts.But in fact by such unfair eligibility criteria it makes more deserving medical students ineligible just because they haven't done their MBBS in Karnataka.

I was always proud to belong to Karnataka and was in love with every aspect of this state including the language.Hence took Kannada as my first language in my school and college too.For a person who had so much respect for this state and wanted to serve this state to be considered as a Non-Karnataka student really hurt me on an emotional level too and came as a shock to be suddenly considered as an outsider and I'm sure there are many more like me who wants justice too.
So I request all of you to extend your support against fighting this inequality to the medical students who have studied outside India and to make them feel secure and included in their state.


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