Petition to cancel the transfer order of the Dean of BJGMC and SGH, Pune

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Dr Ajay Chandanwale Sir has been the Dean of BJ Govt Medical College and Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune for the past 7 years. Undoubtedly he has been extremely popular amongst the students and the faculty alike.
The few of the many outstanding accomplishments of our honourable dean are :
1. He managed to pool ₹85 crore CSR for this institute.
2. He played the most vital role in the formation of our 59 bedded NICU .
3. He enforced 24 hour duty for all the faculty which helped in smooth functioning of the institute.
4. He made several waiting areas available for the patients
5. He made free food available for all the patients of SGH .
6. He played an important role in bringing about 3 kidney transplants
7. He made the provision for 80G certificate for income tax exemption.
8. Our dean has created a student friendly atmosphere. Sir is extremely approachable, considerate and cooperative towards the students and the faculty.
9. Sir took extra efforts to renovate the hostel, mess, classrooms, offices and the hospital.
10. He has made provisions for various scholarships that the students could avail of.
11. He made sure that books were available at a subsidised cost.
12. He introduced the concept of free medical checkup for the students and the faculty.

With our Dean Sir being the administrator of our college, it will create a conducive atmosphere for all students to excel. Sir has created a friendly and comfortable environment for all of us. Sir has always motivated us to do different kinds of academic and research oriented activities. Along with this, he has also allowed his students to pursue their hobbies and passions.
He is indeed one of the most favourite persons in our institute who is loved by all.
On account of all this and his contribution towards our institute, we will be making a final attempt to request Sir to please retain his position in our institute.