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Stop merchant Navy entry level courses & also if needed stop giving COC to ratings.

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Every year thousands of trainee cadets ( deck and engine) and ratings come out of institutes with CDC and all other documents for which they have paid hefty fees and agents ( most of the time). Even though DG shipping have come out with the solution that every institute should update figures regarding the cadets and ratings placed from their institute but still this is good initiative on paper but on ground the reality is different. Most of the time seafarers (cadets & ratings) have to give service charge for the same or get placed to some company which don't even trade just take money and pay meagre stipend mostly n gulf countries. Most of the institute are opened by companies itself which may in the beginning provide training onboard to the seafarers but that take times sometimes even 2-3 years . A young seafarer who comes in the international industry with lots of dreams and hope by then is broken. Many young ones even quit the line, but many goes in depression who have spent lot of money on their training and comes from poor family. Their plight doesn't end here after completion of their onboard training and getting licence also again the run starts. Government should understand that this is international field which is dependent on many factors for job creation- cheap man power, market trading condition, automation, and many more. Just opening of institutes and year by year piling up the seafarers won't be the solution. There should be a balance regarding the seafarer coming out and the one getting jobs, ship's don't increase exponentially the way they produce seafarers in institutes. Even if the ship's are increasing but the market also have to take care of existing seafarer. I remember once a captain told me that even though he was having captain's licence and experience he was not getting job , he had to move company to company for job with his big bag of documents luckily he also had pilot's licence so he could feed his family. Government should understand in most of the companies we are on contract basis, once contact over it solely depends on the company to hire us again. We go through a lot of depression and stress to again find a company after sign off. I appreciate the steps taken in last few years by government to control agents, fraudulent companies and institute, toll free nos. But still the balance between no of seafarers coming out of institutes should be controlled or stopped . Also in recent years government allowed ratings to undertake exams in India which was a welcoming decision by many. But who knew that the rating who due to some or  other reason couldn't do cadetship but government opened the doors for them. Even though they had to do extra courses to be at par with the cadets . But nowadays companies don't want to recruit officers and engineers from rating background just because they are full and they have excuse that management and owners requirement. This is unfair if qualification is same take interview atleast and then reject. Please friends this had to stop I'm not talking collectively about cadets, ratings and as well as officers because we have to create awareness and unity then only government will take action which will bring fruitful result. We all understand that this sector is dependent on international trade and solely profit based but it doesn't implies we can be taken for granted after all we face lots of hardship- away from family, weather, and then job insecurity. Atleast stop or reduce training for a while or take out solution to stop creation of large pool of unemployed youth. Government can atleast do this from their end.


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