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To pass the comprehensive bill addressing the possession of drones by citizens of India

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The problem I'm about to mention below I initially noticed by being an amateur film-maker for the past two years, but after in-depth research over the past months I've learned that by this one bill being passed, it can greatly impact and improve the efficiency of an array of industries such as agriculture, medicine, construction, and many more. 

As an amateur film-maker, I always feel that my videos are missing drone footage. I'm sure thousands of film-makers across the country share the same sentiment. The ability to capture the view from above adds a completely different dimension to the art of storytelling through a lens ( Here's a link to some drone footage that you could watch after reading through this petition, notice the emotional rush and experience it provides! Video ). Apart from only film-making, drones have a wide range of applications. Multiple nations across the world use drones to analyse buildings, reach places that are hard for humans to reach, deploy medicines in first aid emergency, to spray seeds in agricultural fields and many more uses.  

The reason this is not possible in our country is because it is currently illegal to launch an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) in Indian Civil Airspace for any purposes ( PDF ). After having been involved in the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) I have learned that all the drones are going to be in the country. It is understood that everyone interested in owning and operating a drone can not currently do so.  

The good news, however, is that the DGCA proposed a comprehensive bill ( PDF ) in May 2016 on the operation of drones in the country but it has not been passed. One of the officers I spoke to mentioned that it may take many more months for it to reach the table even though the proposed guidelines are very comprehensive and ready to be implemented.

The goal of this petition is to showcase that it is a bill that multiple people wanted passed and the industries it will affect and the opportunities it will bring are amazing. I have listed a few points below, I'm sure by the end of this you will definitely choose to sign this petition and spread it among your circles;

1) Increased tourism as a drone gives creative control to film-makers and allows them to capture the entire beauty of the nation we live in, from the view of the Himalayas in the north to the tea fields of Munnar in the south, encouraging people from across the globe to come and dive in our rich culture and heritage.

2) Great tool for individuals and families looking to shoot the environment they are in during holidays and excursions and cherish the moments later on. 

3) Used as surveillance during concerts, and other large-scale events that take place on a regular basis across the country. A lot of issues can be quickly addressed with the assistance of such drones as small fires or first-aid medical emergencies.

4) Can export or make in India equipment to increase efficiency in the construction of buildings, spraying of seeds, delivering packages and more. 

5) Can conduct 3-D mapping of land which can be used for topographical purposes and increased understanding of the terrain. 

6) Drone racing is a sport that is kicking of internationally and India with it's immensely talented populated can look to be a strong competitor and leader in the game. 

In summary, this law being implemented opens up a wide range of possibilities, helping take our individual and national interests to the next level. You can now go watch the video that I mentioned above!


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