CAPSTONE PROJECT is disturbing final year schedule for placements and higher studies

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Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your notice that the we final year students of Thapar University are facing excessive problems due to over-exhaustive schedule of our course scheme (which mainly includes Capstone Project) due to which we are unable to focus efficiently on placements, current semester curriculum and other career oriented competitive exams( GATE, GRE etc).
Since we are at our crucial point of life in making our career for rest of the lives and as preparations are heading close there is not enough time to manage for weekly capstone PPTs as told by our teachers amid under-construction hostels. Further MSTs in forthcoming month, placement season at its peak, other job oriented competitive exams, higher studies and their preparation.
It surely seems like we're have been put under additional unnecessary burden of capstone project which doesn't fit to our schedule with respect to addition of the placement season going on and to cover up over 7th semester as well as said earlier also.
It seems like we have to compromise the time to be spent for course study and for siting in placements towards capstone project. That doesn’t seem to add up at all. It would be better if we focus on Capstone project as normal course curriculum rather than giving full energy on capstone while ignoring other aspects as mentioned above. Please note we have done a part of it in last semester also (6th sem).
It looks like that either department or college are in hurry to make this project satisfy some criteria by this semester end which looks to impossible from student point of view. We would not have any objection at all if the proceedings of this project might have started one semester earlier. We would not be having the placement season burden by then as if it would have begun in 5th sem and to be completed by 6th sem.
Dear all, you’re requested to consider once from student point of view. We are not expecting to be stressed with any further projects in last year of our study considering the jobs, the turning point in our career; the time we have been dreaming all the way since we’re kid and to stand on our own feet.
Added further that we're under much pressure right now to satisfy everyone from department to our parents who expect better lives after four years of graduation at Thapar University.
To our conclusion we want to say that we have no problem in doing capstone project but we didn’t expect it to come this harsh as it is right now. We cannot take on the capstone project fully while ignoring other final year things that we’re into right now (placements and all to be specific). These all have to go parallel without any biasing
Since the ABET accreditation team will be coming in November mid, projects from our side should be finalised on 1-3 November and ppts in month of October.
But giving ppts every 15 days might not be possible with placements.
We have put our point as logically it can. We hope that you’ll come up with good solution to resolve out this matter with respect to all the participating parties point of view.

Update: It's above 7 PM of 08/08/2017 and the PPTs are supposed to be held on 09/08/2017 and still there's no update regarding the schedule from department. 

P.S. : You're requested if possible please meet us in person, so that we can further discuss regarding this issue and come to satisfying conclusion.

Yours obediently,
Electrical Engineering batch of 2018