Stop US Immigration from Forcibly Separating Asylum Seeking Children from their Parents

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In the name of common humanity we implore you to stop separating defenseless children and babies from their parents who are seeking asylum in the United States. This unofficial policy which, according to Caitlin Dickerson’s article in the New York Times (Hundreds of Immigrant Children Have Been Taken From Parents at U.S. Border, April 20, 2018) has already affected more than 700 children and their families, is inhumane and cruel to innocent children who depend upon their parents for the care they need.

The current policy of separating families and putting children in foster care can affect children not only temporarily, but for their entire lives. A country which carries out this policy is committing a crime against humanity, intentionally or unintentionally. We appeal to your higher nature and your conscience, in the hope that you will hear the cries of these children, restore them quickly to their parents, and going forward, will choose to do the right thing.

Photo Credit: Loren Elliott, Reuters