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Prosecute Police and CPS who jailed innocent Sam Hallam

Sam Hallam was 18years old when corrupt Police and CPS Barristers sent him to jail knowing he was innocent. Whilst in Jail his distraught Father committed suicide. Police and CPS Barristers have no interest in the truth they are only interested in getting a conviction. This is manifestly against the Public Interest they are supposed to serve. It devastates the lives of their innocent victims and their families. It removes from society good people and allows the real criminals to operate amongst us without fear of being charged.

Corrupt Police and CPS Barristers currently have no real sanction against them few if any are investigated. They make a profit from sending innocent people to prison. The Barristers get a hansom fee for every innocent they jail and the Police get promotion and receive an increase in Salary. The Proceeds of crime Act means that the these corrupt public servants and CPS Barristers can be stripped of the proceeds of their criminal activities.

To prevent further miscarriages of justice we ask Keir Starmer QC to prosecute the Corrupt Police and CPS Barristers who sent Sam Hallam to jail for perverting the Course of Justice.

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  • Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC

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