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Dan Cohen - Don’t Sue “Alive Inside” for Helping Children and Elders!

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We think it is wrong that Dan Cohen and Music & Memory are suing the Alive Inside Foundation (AIF) and the Director of the film “Alive Inside” for teaching children and helping elders with Dementia. Dementia is a huge problem. We need more people helping elders, not less. One non-profit helping elders, should not sue another non-profit for helping elders. This is not how non-profits should behave.

Having examined your lawsuit against “Alive Inside,” we must express displeasure at the obvious fact that, 10 days before Sundance, apparently knowing you did not have a valid copyright claim, you sued and forced the filmmaker to sign a settlement agreement designed to give you exclusive rights to "personalized music"

We object to your territoriality and to what you call “personalized music methodology.” First of all, "personalized music" as a therapy concept was first presented by Dr. Linda Gerdner in the early 90s and you apparently consulted with her before starting your business.  You did not invent the idea of giving music to elders with dementia, or the idea that music can help the sick. In fact, in the Huffington post, you said, “I didn’t discover anything.”  

Dan Cohen, no one owns music. Period.  All music is “Personalized.” Everyone loves the music that they love. You are using an “invented term” to stop the filmmaker from spreading the message of his film! After working with elders for four years, the director believes in this cause and wants to keep making an impact.  You cannot solve the entire problem of Alzheimer's alone. To change the fate of our elders, we must change our thinking and work together. Neither the filmmaker nor AIF compete with you in nursing homes. Thus, there is no conflict. DON'T SUE - COLLABORATE!

We see AIF offering FREE education and tools designed to change the way youth view aging. This is not your area of focus Mr. Cohen and does not compete with your business.

We have reviewed ‘Dan Cohen’s Declaration’ and find it surprising and confusing, especially where there is an attempt to take ownership of and/or credit for Michael’s film.

Dan Cohen, we the undersigned ask you to find a way to work with AIF and the filmmaker.  This conflict will hurt you both and all the children, elders and communities inspired by the film.  DON'T SUE - COLLABORATE!

Alive Inside” was a beautiful film that helped your wonderful mission tremendously. It has changed the hearts and minds of many people. The filmmaker spent 4 years of his life and $150,000 his own money promoting you. Repeatedly suing him is not fair, as he was instrumental in the success you now enjoy.  For the sake of your reputation and the impact we can have together, please find a way to work with “Alive Inside” instead of suing them.

Thank you for all you do,

The Friends of Alive Inside

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