Petition to MNNIT to Not Conduct End-Semester Examinations

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Recently, the WHO has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. The impact of this novel coronavirus has not only created a dent in the lives and economy of India, but every single country around the globe.

Tens of thousands of people have tested positive for the virus and hundreds have succumbed to the virus in India. For the future generation of this country, this leaves many concerns about their own future. While several students have lost their respective internships, many of them have no idea how this will impact their placements and jobs in the future. Many of us students have a family to support and are extremely worried.

With the number of cases rising day by day, every single one of us is anxious and rattled. As much as everyone wants to use this time to be productive, fear is a powerful thing. We wake up scared. We don't know when this pandemic will end. We scroll the news at least 10 times a day trying to read up on any updates. We sleep with difficulty. We are worried about ourselves and our loved ones. This pandemic has had a major impact on the mental health of students around the country.

The main question is that will students be in a right state of mind to prepare for their examinations? Will they be able to perform up to their best capabilities after all the trauma and fear they have faced? In addition to this, they will not have anything else to show in their resumes other than their marks due to the economy.

We would like to request the administration and governing body within the institute to please follow the guidelines issued by the MHRD which states that "In case the situation does not appear to be normal in view of COVID-19, to maintain social distancing, safety, and health of the college students, grading could be a composite of 50% marks on the basis of the pattern of internal evaluation adopted by the universities and the remaining 50% marks on the basis of performance in the previous semester (if available)." 

NIT Durgapur and NIT Kurukshetra are also not having exams alongside several other institutes in India.

We would like to request that the institute not hold end semester examinations and instead choose other means of evaluation for the current ongoing semester. Everyone would be indebted to the fact that the institute will be doing their best in the interest of the students in the midst of this global pandemic.

Thank you.