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Director of ICE John Morton, Janet Napolitano, & Atlanta Field Office: Release the Ice Hold on loving Husband & Father Octavio Guevara Vera.

Octavio Guevara Vera was just on his way to work so he could provide for his family as usual, when he was pulled over by a Peach County Sheriff's Officer & arrested for having no license. Octavio is married to an American Citizen, has two American born children, & three American born step chilldren, all who depend on him for their well being. Octavio qualifies for prosecutorial discretion. His bond has been paid, but he has still not been released because of the Ice Hold. I am asking that you please release your hold, so that Octavio can be reunited with his family. After signing please take a moment to make to call the following people, ask that they please release they're hold on Octavio Guevara Vera A# A205790044 who qualifies for Prosecutorial Discretion.

Director of Ice John Morton (202)732-3000 or (202)732-3001

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano (703)235-0854

Atlanta Field Office (404)893-1210

Thanks everyone for your support.

This petition was delivered to:
  • DHS Secretary
    Janet Napolitano
  • Director of ICE
    John Morton
  • ICE Assistant Field Officer
    J.D Thorpe

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