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Director of Health: Spread Scoliosis Awareness,Research,and Care

This is important because scoliosis is one of the most popular musculoskeletal disorders worldwide.There are over 23.3 billion people with scoliosis worldwide.Most of these people have limited or no access to scoliosis treatment or don't even know that they even have scoliosis. This is upsetting and I want to change it. I believe that ALL treatments should be available to everyone worldwide no matter where they live or their income.I believe there should be more research on scoliosis and make scoliosis treatments available to everyone, worldwide. I believe that checking for scoliosis should be apart of the annual check ups for all patients of all age groups. I believe that this would increase early disagnoses and reduce the amount of undiagnosed cases of scoliosis. I want scoliosis awareness to be discussed and taught in schools across the world just like Cancer Awareness and Research is made important in schools.I believe every scoliotic deserves treatment and proper patient care, no matter where they live or their income.

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  • Director Of Health,Rob Nicholson,Steven Harper,

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