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Stop MACC from killing all Pit Bulls who enter their facility.

Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC) in Davidson County, Tennessee euthanizes all pit bulls and pit bull type dogs that come to their facility.


Regardless of countless rescues and outreach organizations volunteering to assist, pull pit bulls from MACC and identify appropriate homes, they refuse to give any pit bull type dog a chance at life and they are all euthanized.

When a pit bull or pit bull type dog is an owner surrender to MACC, the dog is immediately put down.

A stray that is picked up by a MACC officer does get a 3 day hold, but if their owner does not come to claim them, they are put down.

All dogs who are picked up as strays or owner surrenders should be treated wth equality regardless of their breed.

All dogs should be temperment tested, medically examined and given a chance at adoption or pull from a rescue organization regardless of breed.

MACC should not be killing healthy, adoptable dogs simply because of the way they look and that they are perceived to be a "pit bull" which is a subjective term and identifier.

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  • Director of Environmental Health, Metro Public Health
    Brent Hager
  • Mayor Karl Dean
  • Director, Metro Animal Care and Control
    Metro Animal Care and Control
  • Director of Health Metro Public Health Department of Nashville/Davidson County
    William S. Paul

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