Support Students At Glenview Sr. P.S. - Make The TDSB Accountable

Support Students At Glenview Sr. P.S. - Make The TDSB Accountable

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Members of the Glenview Community started this petition to Dr. John Malloy (Direction of Education - TDSB) and

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Glenview Senior Public School opens for the upcoming school year in less than 3 weeks. The student and parent body do not know who the school administrators will be as a result of an inordinately long and delayed investigation into a discrete issue between two students. 

An altercation took place between these two grade 7 students in March. The immediate response of the TDSB was to remove the leadership from the school while an investigation took place.  Acting administrators exhibited poor leadership. Teachers took leaves. Confidence in the school’s ability to run effectively plummeted.

18 weeks later we are without a resolution. John Malloy stated in his May 17 letter that the TDSB had hired third party investigators. Yet investigators were not hired until the beginning of June. Why the discrepancy? And why, several weeks later is there no investigative report?

Members of the parent community have repeatedly asked for accountability and transparency from the TDSB. We have been rebuffed by the elected trustee, Shelly Laskin, passing the buck to the superintendents, citing the issues raised with her as outside her purview, being ‘operational’ in nature. Trustee Laskin has failed to demonstrate she is our advocate, resulting in the parent community feeling abandoned. 

We ask Trustee Laskin to do the job she was elected to perform. 

We have asked Jim Spyropoulos for regular updates. We have received no tangible answers to the multiple questions posed of him. 

We ask Jim Spyropoulos to do the job he was hired to perform. 

The community demands honesty and accountability from the TDSB. Specifically, we demand precise and complete answers to the following questions:

1. How many people are left to be interviewed by the investigators?

2. When is the last scheduled interview?

3. Why is the investigation taking an inordinate amount of time, particularly given the enormously negative consequences of having no certainty as to the leadership at Glenview for the upcoming academic year?

4. What efforts have been made by the TDSB to push the investigation forward?

5. When will the investigative report be completed?

6. Christie Blatchford referenced in her July 5, 2019 article that a trespassing order was to be issued but was not. Have the safety issues facing Glenview students changed? How so? Is a trespass order no longer needed? Why? 

7. If, for some reason, the investigation is not resolved before the end of this month, what is the last date before the TDSB puts in an acting administration? Will this acting administration display more effectiveness than the last acting administration? 

8. Have the grade 7 classes been made, finalized and submitted to Trillium? 

9.  Who will be our superintendent as of September? 

10. Why was a sudden change to the staffing model made by our-then superintendent,   Diana Panagiotopoulos, after having approved the model in mid April? 

11.  What are the details of the TDSB’s plan? 

12. What support is going to be given/ placed at Glenview?

In addition to providing the community with immediate answers to each of the above questions, we ask for weekly updates from our trustee and from Jim Spyropoulos.

We demand accountability and transparency and that the TDSB finally act responsibly.

The Glenview Community

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!